鹰卫浴哈维先生:不断创新 只为提供更高质量产品

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  2019年第24届中国国际厨房、卫浴设施展览会(以下简称“上海厨卫展”)于5月27-30日在上海新国际博览中心隆重举行。来自世界各地的厨卫品牌,在这场“卫浴奥斯卡”上纷纷发大招。PChouse太平洋家居网全程直击上海厨卫展,并有幸采访到为鹰卫浴总经理Javier Iglesias先生,一起听他对行业的独到见解。
  Kitchen and Bath China 2019 (hereinafter referred to as’ KBC’) was held from 27 to 30 May 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). As one of the most powerful sanitary ware brands with a long history in China, YING Bathroom showed new products in the exhibition. On the same day, YING and the third season of Secret Homage To Hero of CCTV-2 cooperation signing ceremony was held at the exhibition. Behind these changes, what judgment on the trend of industry and consumption is YING Bathroom based on? In view of this, PChouse got the precious opportunity to interview Mr. Javier Iglesias, the Managing Director of YING Bathroom, to listen to his own distinctive opinions of the industry.

鹰卫浴哈维先生:不断创新 只为提供更高质量的产品

受访者:鹰卫浴总经理Javier Iglesias先生
Guest:Mr. Javier Iglesias (Managing Director of YING Bathroom)

鹰卫浴哈维先生:不断创新 只为提供更高质量的产品

  【PChouse】It’s reported that the design of this exhibition hall has used the element of water to show the idea of “Carefree, Non Excessive, Sustainable”, so could you share the meaning with us please?

  【Mr. Javier Iglesias】In bathroom, a lot of people feel like smart living. Therefore,the new products of the exhibition, whether from aesthetic art, scientific and technological innovation, practical functions, or humanistic care, adhere to the brand concept of "smart living", basically based on three different pillars.
  The first pillar is ‘Carefree’, that means we did every design with new technology in our products, in order to have a very stable quality. We need to understand the problems of our customers, including healthy and environmentally friendly materials, elegant appearance design, humanized function, to provide consumers with "easy to use and affordable" products. That’s why we are investing in new technology in order to make life easier and solve the problems for our customers in time. We also care about the after sales service. To make sure that whatever we deliver to our customers, it will comply with the commitments that we cast in terms of quality and service.
  The second one is ‘Non Excessive’, which stands that our designs are thought to be friendly designs for the customers, no excessive designs but focus on the real needs of customers. We provide individual style space and products, with high quality as the basic purpose. It is not superficial, but attentive, with a sense of self-individuality and value. That's why we found a full team of designers in our company, focusing on the research and development process with the company in order to make it possible to deliver the needed products in the market.
  The third one is ‘Sustainable’, we not only use environmental friendly materials in our products, but also improve the production processes and materials, to make sure the high quality of our approach. In addition, we are trying to make the whole system recyclable. Also in terms of solving customer’s problem we estimate, we provide very good quality of products that could fulfill the needs of our customers. We are also doing a lot of investments on environmental protection equipments such as dust removal system, wastewater treatment system, in order to be able to make this in the factories avoid any bad influence to the environment and the society.

鹰卫浴哈维先生:不断创新 只为提供更高质量的产品

  【PChouse】Nowadays, consumers are pursuing personality, comfort and health in life quality, so will YING Bathroom show any new products in this exhibition? Could you share some special highlights in design and function of one specific product with us please?

  【Mr. Javier Iglesias】 Our company is trying to focus a lot on products, especially the new trend in China. We are launching a lot of products with new technologies, we are introducing now they're well controlled that makes easier for the functioning. Such as BS86H intelligent toilet,the intelligent one-button knob makes our experience pleasure. It runs by turning and pressing, realizes multiple function experience such as comfort spray、lady spray、drying, and we can choose gear position and water pressure adjustment, without position restriction. It uses variable frequency instant heating technology, which supplies water heating instantaneous, and keeping on constant temperature. Independent flushing system makes the water pressure unlimited when flushes. It flushes for 3.9L every time, saves much water than usual. Super drying system makes drying faster than before. We also invest the new technology to make sure that the quality will be stable even in the future.
  We invest a lot in our factory, for example, the automatic high-pressure molding production line, based on mechanized production, it runs through intelligent control and overall high strength pressure,100% integral molding, avoid cracking and leakage. It takes 60 minutes for every molding to improve efficiency greatly, save labor for 50%, and make possible that we could deliver better quality products than usual.
  In the future, we will invest more in technology and equipment to improve product quality and productivity.

  【PChouse】As we all know that YING Bathroom is famous for its technique, what are the advantages of YING when compared with its competitors in technology?

  【Mr. Javier Iglesias】Everyone knows that the quality of YING, and we are the manufacturer of products, is always based on delivering most possible quality to our customers. We also realize that the quality is the key point on the basis for any of the approaches we do.
  That's why we have a very strong finite control system in our factories to make sure that the products we process are in accord with what we promised to the customers. Also, as we mention before, we are also investing a lot in all these processes and improving processes and technologies in the factories to make possible that these qualities are stable and with a minimum impact on the environment.

鹰卫浴哈维先生:不断创新 只为提供更高质量的产品
YING and Secret Homage To Hero of CCTV2 cooperation signing ceremony

  【PChouse】It is reported that YING will sign up with the third season Secret Homage To Hero of CCTV 2, what is the cooperation point? Why do you choose this program?

  【Mr. Javier Iglesias】Secret Homage To Hero is the third season now. We believe that the information provided by this collaboration between CCTV-2 and YING Bathroom is very important for us, not only because it gives us the expansion provided by CCTV-2, but also because this TV program improves the quality of life. This idea in fact has been already done in YING Bathroom for long time. We have really done a lot of activities that’s very far away in the mountains in the past. We make the life of this type of people much easier. And this is an important strategy collaboration for admission, because it joins our main goal, which also makes life easier to our customers. We consider that all the companies in the world should have a social responsibility, and we think this collaboration between CCTV-2 and YING also strengthens this kind of ideology of social responsibility, and really improves the quality of life.

  【PChouse】Since this TV program cooperates with lots of famous designers, in addition to the quality, YING will promote more fancy products?

  【Mr. Javier Iglesias】within this philosophy of ‘non excessive’, our designs are thought to be fancy designs, but not extravagant designs. But it's true that Chinese market requires a lot of innovation of new products. So we get a whole team of designers in the company working for us. We also collaborated with many famous designers in the past. And we are going to collaborate with many famous programs in the future, in order to catch up with the new trend in China, especially young customers that require special designs. Because the different generations have different preferences, we want to catch up with the trend to make sure the designs that we deliver to the market is in accordance with what the market is needed.

鹰卫浴哈维先生:不断创新 只为提供更高质量的产品
Mr. Javier Iglesias introduces products

  【PChouse】What’s the promotion programs for YING in the future?

  【Mr. Javier Iglesias】We have just held a cooperation signing ceremony with CCTV-2 Secret Homage To Hero, and next, we will help the implementation of this TV program. Besides, we are in collaboration with some online and offline promotional activities for both digital and traditional marketing. We are also pushing a lot through our master dealers as we have a very strong master dealer channel, they have a lot of knowledge and strong capability that can really supply and solve the problems of our estimates of the market. We are also working on some marketing support activities, like doing billboards, booth-shows and ready to show the strength of this brand in the market. But we know there is a long way to go because China is a very competitive market, there are lots of people and companies involved in the market. And we know that we need to test a lot of things in the future. 

  【PChouse】Do you have any other promotion or idea that you want to share with us?

  【Mr. Javier Iglesias】YING Bathroom is a very good brand that has been always linked to the idea of good quality development. It has worked in this field for many years. So this is our main point to promote quality of goods. I'm always introducing the three pillars “Carefree, Non Excessive, Sustainable” of smart living. That's why we are enforcing a lot of our departments. We are doing a lot of investment for new technologies in the loop. And we are sure that in the future we have a lot of room to grow in China, to reach as many families in China, to be able to solve more problems of our customers. 

鹰卫浴哈维先生:不断创新 只为提供更高质量的产品

  【PChouse】Thank you for accepting our interview. Mr. Javier Iglesias, Thanks very much.